VSSC BU10 Barcelona Wins Striker Soccer Challenge Indoor League Champions


Updated Thursday May 3, 2018 by Stephan George.

After a successful Fall season where they finished second in the LIJSL BU10 Division 1, on their way to a promotion to the Champions Division, the VSSC BU10 Barcelona entered the Winter Season fully focus on the task of preparing for the challenges ahead.  That is how they ended up registering for the Striker Soccer Challenge Indoor League in Freeport.  

There, our boys were placed in the BU10/11 Division where they had to face very tough opposition, from sometimes older adversaries.  In spite of it all, Barcelona was able to fight, week-in and week-out, and maintained themselves at the top of the table.   

As fate would only have it, on the last day of the season our boys had to face the BU11 Auburndale Spartans White, with both teams tied for first place.  The outcome of the game would determine who would be crowned Champions. 

In spite of falling behind 0-1 early in the game and sustaining a lot of pressure from an older and more experienced team, Barcelona managed to keep their composure, fight back, tie the game; eventually turning the tide and managing to win 3-1.  A sign of true Champions. 

Our congratulations go to the team: Joseph Arning, Ceasar Arrigo, Jeremiah Coty, Justing Cruz, Benjamin Henriquez, Vincent Martinez, Carmine Masaracchia, Obina Okoli, Dhiago Paz, Sebastian Quezada, Isaiah Smith and Jalen Thomas. 

A special thanks and Congratulations to coaches Juan Paz and Jason Cruz for the wonderful job they did preparing their team. 

We are all very proud of all of you; thank you for raising the banner of the Valley Stream Soccer Club. 

Good Luck in the Spring Season.